Nov 21

Is This Better, or This?


Certainly, efficient ophthalmology SEO is better for bringing in new patients in Jacksonville. Contact Axiom Health Care Marketing today to learn how our SEO expertise can have more patients eyeballing your website.

Nov 19

Connecting with Patients


Blog creation is an excellent way to stay in touch with your patients. Create blogs for patients in Clearwater that offer helpful information on ways to control their medical conditions and patients will feel that you care about them even when they are not in the office, face-to-face.

Nov 17

Marketing Your Medical Practice


Just like any other business, you need to advertise your medical practice through Internet marketing to keep new customers coming in. Patients in Gainesville probably won’t know about you unless they find you on the Internet.

Nov 14

Advertising Healthcare

Healthcare Seo Marketing Company

Nearly unheard of 20 years ago, healthcare SEO is now almost a necessity for any healthcare institution. Whether for a medical practice in Baltimore or Ft. Lauderdale, people look to the Internet now for medical information and referrals.

Nov 12

We’ll Keep Your Website in Rhythm


Running a cardiology practice is no easier than running any other business in Atlanta. However, when it comes to keeping your online presence active through cardiology SEO, Axiom Health Care Marketing is there to keep the rhythm smooth.

Nov 10

Remembering our Veterans

flag salute

As part of the force in online marketing for the health care community that works to keep our veterans healthy, we want to humbly thank all of our Veterans for all of their sacrifice in protecting our country. We salute you this Veterans Day from Daytona Beach.

Nov 07

Learning the Ropes


Although you may be a physician, it is important that you know something about Internet marketing so that you can make good decisions regarding your online presence. Axiom Health Care Marketing can help. Call us today for a consultation in Coral Gables.

Nov 05

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Information

If you are searching for insurance during the open enrollment period in Miami that is still going on, knowing what you are required to do is a big help. Social media information can help, and if you’re under 30 read here to learn what your options are.

Nov 03

The Right SEO Can Make a Difference


Creating a presence online for your medical practice requires the right kind of SEO. Providing the right SEO tools that will get the kind of traffic you need is paramount to bringing in new patients into your Palm Beach office. Call us today and learn what the right kind of SEO can do for you.

Oct 31

Happy Halloween!


Everyone here at Axiom Health Care Marketing want to wish everyone a very happy Halloween filled with spooky tricks and sweet treats. Have a happy, fun and safe celebration. Call us to learn about medical SEO in Ormond Beach.

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