Apr 18

Utilizing Social Media


As a physician, you may wish there was a way to stay in closer contact with your patients, and there is. Using social media like Facebook, Yahoo!, or Google, offers you a way to send your patients appointment reminders, or just to send a note to ask how they are doing in Tampa after a …

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Apr 16

We Know Health Care


Our management understands health care and this puts us into a unique position of knowing exactly what a health care website design needs. We have the knowledge and experience to put your practice in Gainesville or anywhere, into the limelight. 

Apr 14

The Art of Attracting Patients

Attracting patients to your website takes knowledge of how search engines work, and providing what they look for to put your practice on the first page. At Axiom Health Care Marketing creating successful web site design for doctors in Pensacola is our specialty.

Apr 11

Special Skills

doctor offic e

If your practice is located in Palm Coast or Palm Beach we have the special skills required to successfully represent medical practices. We understand the differences between selling mattresses and selling health care. Contact us for a consultation today.

Apr 09

A Caring Dentist


Most people don’t like to visit the doctor, and they dislike visiting the dentist even more. Whether you are located in Tampa or Pensacola, we offer the kind of website design that will let prospective patients know that you are a gentle and compassionate dentist whom they can trust.

Apr 07

A Special Touch

Pediatricians require a special touch to work successfully with their young patients and their parents. When it comes to online marketing for your practice, Axiom Health Care Marketing has the special touch you need to help parents find you, whether your practice is in Jacksonville or Pensacola.

Apr 04

Keeping Things Flowing


Good web design can keep traffic flowing to your website, just the way eating foods high in fiber can help your health. If you live in Jacksonville or Tampa, high fiber not only helps your digestive system, it is also shown to help heart health.

Apr 02

Yearly Checkup

doctor checkup

Many people who feel healthy, don’t see the point in seeing a doctor. However, whether you live in Ft. Lauderdale or Hollywood, seeing a doctor at least once a year and having blood test completed is a good way to make sure you stay feeling healthy. Contact your doctor through social media.

Mar 31

Benefiting from Internet Marketing for Physicians


Whether your practice is located in Miami Beach or Pampano Beach, when you put your marketing in the hands of Axiom Health Care Marketing, you are hiring a company that knows health care and what prospective patients are looking for. We will get you to the first page of search results so that patients find …

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Mar 28

Keeping in Touch With Parents


Through Axiom Health Care Marketing and social media, your pediatric office can stay in touch with patient parents living anywhere from Tallahassee to Homestead. Through social media and email, you can send important health tips and vaccination reminders.

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