Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization (SEO) is not just editing code and creating links. It’s a compilation of techniques designed to increase your sites position in the search rankings. The best part about SEO as a marketing tool is that it targets people already looking for your services. This means customizing search options that allow patients to find you by keywords associated with your practice. Our goal is to optimize your online profile so that patients are able to find you quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about SEO, what it can do for you, and why AXIOM can meet your needs, please head to our SEO Page.

Web Design and Development

Making sure patients enjoy navigating thru your site is just as important as helping them find it. We offer services that range from tweaking your site, to making it easier to navigate, to building you a brand new website. Unlike many other SEO firms, we want to not only draw patients in, but make sure their experience is enjoyable.

To learn more about Web Design and Development, how it can help your Practice and why AXIOM can create the perfect Web site for you, please head to our Web Design page.

Video/Media Production and Editing

Videos are becoming a major popular source of media on the internet. It helps you connect with your patients on a more personal level. Patients can take a virtual tour of your office, meet your staff, see how procedures are done, and much, much more.

We have the ability to create flash videos and other similar multimedia projects for our clients. These can even be interactive in some cases.

Want to learn more about our video and media production? Click HERE.

Social Media Management

Word of mouth is a great marketing tool but, in our ever changing world of technology, word of mouth no longer just means telling your friends over coffee. Social media in today's world has opened up a whole new way of having yourself heard and seen. Sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other communities have made the spread of information to your network of friends and family, faster and more efficient than ever! At Axiom Services we utilize these networks to help you grow. We will create, manage, and promote your practice in a way that will increase your online exposure. Giving your patients a sense of who you are and what services you can offer them.

To learn more about creating a Social Media presence for your Practice, what it can do for you, and how AXIOM can make your site completely interactive through Social Media, please head to our Social Media Management page.

Graphic Design

Not only do we offer high tech/online marketing practices, we also offer more traditional methods. We offer services that include printed media, such as business cards, letters, posters, pamphlets and much more. We also have mailing databases at our disposal. Example: What better way to make a patient feel remembered than to send them a holiday or birthday card?

We also offer graphic design and copywriting, along with email templates, press releases, and much more.

Communication Database Creation and Management

What is Communication Database Creation? This was once something restricted to only the largest of companies until very recently. This process uses contact information for broadcast via mediums such as email, text messages, voice messages, or sign up forms on websites. These tools provide the ability to contact large groups of people, and maintain electronic communications on command, a process that is also linked to automated response systems.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail marketing is a useful tool in any business. Target your existing patients with regularly scheduled newsletters to keep them informed about the latest news and techniques used in your practice. Build good will by sending a birthday card to your patients. Attract new patients with demographically selected direct mail.

We also have this handy PDF available to showcase some examples of what these Direct Mail services offer, Click Here.