AXIOM's Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization technically is the process of making a website easier to find in a search engine. Though in practice most times its now about a full website optimization from editing code, working outside of the website, and even bringing in social media.

What this means is that SEO has evolved over the past few decades. Growing from a simple one time “quick fix” to now a regime of modifications, additions, and so on over the course of the websites lifespan.

This aspect of SEO evolution has only continued to grow as the internet continues to get progressively more competitive. Not only do you have to get your own site on track, you need to make sure you are out performing your competitors who are in turn often times working to out perform you. Creating something of an arms race.

So what makes AXIOM’s Healthcare SEO different?

This is probably the question most of you would be wondering about now. Why should I go with AXIOM for my Healthcare SEO? Well to answer that question lets go ahead and show you what we offer and our idealology behind our stances.

Healthcare SEO and only Healthcare SEO

Global SEO
As that little title suggests, we are dedicated to Healthcare SEO. Our company only works highly regarded professionals in this industry. We are dedicated to making sure the best of the Healthcare industry receive the recognition they deserve.

AXIOM has an experienced team to further this goal. The staff includes technology specialists and professionals with long careers in the Healthcare industry. This combination of Healthcare knowledge and technological expertise give AXIOM a rather unique and powerful place in the SEO market.

Comprehensive SEO Services

At AXIOM we do NOT simply make you a bunch of backlinks, or simply edit your site a few times and run along to our next job. Instead we formulate a cohesive strategy to improve your online presence. This ranges the gamut of those site edits and backlinking, but also more modern techniques such as incorporating social media and setting up communication databases.

The end result is that we work with you from the ground up. We find out where you are, and work with you to get where you want to be. Not only this but we will be there with you at every step. We don’t want to simply sell you some gimmick service and run along at AXIOM we want to make sure you succeed at your goals.

AXIOM’s Healthcare SEO is a Three Phase Process

Most SEO companies only work on one or two aspects of your online presence. Instead at AXIOM we work on three aspects.

The First Phase is your Website

While this might seem straight forward not all companies do this, promises of “we don’t need to touch your site” and such usually mean they aren’t going to work on your websites code, layout, or much of anything else.
At AXIOM not only do we optimize your code but we provide suggestions to modify content to be more user friendly and for future content additions to help make websites more robust.

The Second Phase is Off Site Optimization

A lot of companies offer this. Basically it boils down to making a lot of links “somewhere” on the internet that lead to your site. This is a pretty standard process but at the same time many will have links from random or even pointless sites.

At AXIOM with our healthcare specialist’s history in the industry we have the connections to help get you great backlinks on sites totally related to your specialty and services.

The Third Phase is Social Media

Sometimes called “web 2.0”, Social Media is becoming more and more important. Google is creating there own social media service called “Google+” and it’s a great way to get you out there and seen. We also work with doctor ranking sites such as Healthgrades and Vitals.

The real benefits of AXIOM’s social media practices is that we incorporate them into Phase One (when we edit your website). Meaning it forms a cohesive circle of optimization.

The End Results of SEO

Not only does AXIOM’s Healthcare SEO services improve your ranking on search engines, it helps promote your services to targeted markets, and creates a wide net of sources to lead traffic to your site.

We cover a large array of specialities such as Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Family Practices, Surgery and Cosmetic/Reconstructive Surgery just to name a few.