AXIOM's Web Design and Development

What is Web Development?

Web Design and Development refers to the process of creating a web presence for your business. It is not only the creating of a Web site for your company, but also includes the maintenance and continued development of the site.

The initial design of the Web site is focused on creating a professional looking site that is not only user friendly but also works to enhance your business. This process includes using graphic design principles to create a professional looking template then putting content tailored to your audience on the site.
Web Design and Development
When creating sites, our designers focus on not only creating a nice-looking design but also writing a well-structured code that ensures the site is optimized properly. Our designers are experienced at using HTML and CSS code to create a layout that is enticing to users and also SEO optimized. Check out our HTML design page for a guide to how we code our sites.

After the initial Web design is completed, the process of making the Web site work for your business begins. This task is known as Web development. This includes marketing your site through social media and continually updating the site with fresh content. Putting new stories and updates on your site multiple times each day will keep users coming back and will also keep your site's ranking with the search engines.

What's different about AXIOM Web Design and Development?

This is probably the question most of you would be wondering about now. Why should I go with AXIOM for my Healthcare Web Design and Development? The best way to anwser that question is by showing how what we offer is tailored to your industry.

AXIOM only deals with Healthcare

As the title suggests, we are dedicated to Healthcare industry. Our company only works highly regarded professionals in this industry. We are dedicated to making sure the best of the Healthcare industry receive the recognition they deserve.

AXIOM has an experienced team to further this goal. The staff includes technology specialists and professionals with long careers in the Healthcare industry. This combination of Healthcare knowledge and technological expertise give AXIOM a rather unique and powerful place among Web design companies.

Comprehensive Web Design Services

At AXIOM we do not just set up a Web site for your company and leave it up to you to maintain the site. Instead we formulate a cohesive strategy to improve your online presence. This ranges from creating new content for your site, advertising the site via social media, helping your site maintain a blog and finally optimizing your site to ensure that it ranks highly in search engines.

Our company works with your site from start to finish and doesn't stop there. We design your site, optimize the site and continually produce content for it. We also manage your communications with users that visit your site. If you have any questions along the way, our company is there to anwser them. We don’t want to simply sell you some gimmick service and run along at AXIOM we want to make sure you succeed at your goals.

AXIOM’s Web Development
team stays with you from start to finish.

Most Web Design companies only set up your Web site and leave the maintaining of the site in your hands. Instead at AXIOM we work on all aspects.

The first part of the Web design process is the building of the site

We design a site that is completely tailored to meet all the needs of your Practice. We use our background in graphic design in healthcare to create an attractive and professional looking layout for your site. Our staff is filled with professionals that have been designing sites for many years. We do NOT use third-party software to design your site. We hard code the site page by page using HTML and CSS to ensure each page meets our high standards. We also use our SEO professionals to ensure that the site is fully optimized before going live to ensure that it does the most for your business.

We stay with you after the site is running.

We manage the site by adding fresh content to the site on a consistent basis. Our writers have worked in the Healthcare industry and can provide content that is useful for your readers. We not only keep adding new content to the site itself, but we also create a blog that will allow your business to interact with its clients on a regular basis.

The blog that we set up for your company is easy for you to manage. We set up the blog using Wordpress and we manage the posts that will appear on the blog. If you would like to, you can write the posts for the blog or you can let our staff post content for you. This Wordpress blog becomes a valuable tool to promote your Practice as it allows you to interact with readers in an informal atmosphere. Blogs help site visitor's feel a connection with the owners of the site. It is also a way to create a sense of trust with your customers by giving advice through the blog. This gives customers a sense of trust with your Practice and that gives your company a good image. If you would like to know more information about using Wordpress and blogs to promote your site, call us or visit this link.

The End Result

Not only does AXIOM’s Healthcare Web Design service give you a professional Web site, our company stays with you to make managing the site easier. This gives you more time to concentrate on serving your clients while we take care of the technology side of your business.

A better designed and optimized site will bring more potential clients to your site, which will increase the number of customers that visit your Practice.

We cover a full spectrum of medical specialties such as: Cardiology, Surgery, Dentistry, Family Practice just to name a few. In addition, geographical coverage is not a restriction so if you are practicing in Florida, Texas, California Maine, New Hampshire etc. AXIOM is your Healthcare Web Design company. This comprehensive approach gives you an overarching approach to solidify your online presence for the long term, not just a temporary boost.